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  3. 【5・6月】8月期入試説明会(オンライン開催)/ [May,june] Briefing session for August 2021 Entrance Examination (Online)

【5・6月】8月期入試説明会(オンライン開催)/ [May,june] Briefing session for August 2021 Entrance Examination (Online)

【5・6月】8月期入試説明会(オンライン開催)/ [May,june] Briefing session for August 2021 Entrance Examination (Online)

This ONLINE briefing session for entrance examination is mostly for Q&A directly from you to professors.Please see information video for entrance examination here before the session starts.
We are looking forward to the participation of those who are thinking of going on to the doctoral program, those who are interested in interdisciplinary research, and those who want to study in Tsukuba.


■Online Video
* Introduction of PhD Program in Humanics
 From Program Coordinator, Professor Masashi Yanagisawa

* Curriculum and Degree, Dr. Atsushi Kawaguchi

* Student Support, Dr. Satoru Takahashi

* Entrance Examination, Dr. Masayuki Matsumoto

* 社会人特別選抜入試・企業連携について, Dr. Toshio Kokubo

 ※To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, the schedule as well as the content of the entrance examination might be changed.

■Question and Answer Session via ZOOM
May 8(Sat) 16:00-17:00(JST)
June 5(Sat) 16:00-17:00(JST)

※The time depends on the language you attend.Please be careful.  Language:English 16:00-16:30(JST), Japanese 16:30-17:00(JST)


If you would like to participate it, please contact us one day before the session.
We will inform you the ID and password for the session.

■2021 entrance examination information
 2021 August(Enrollment for 2022 April)

 Release of Application Guideline:end of April,2021
 Application Period:July 1(Thu)〜16(Fri), 2021
 Examination:August 23(Mon) and 24(Tue), 2021

 2022 January(Enrollment for 2022 April / October)
 Release of Application Guideline:end of April, 2021
 Application Period:December 1(Wed)〜17(Fri), 2021
 Examination:January 26(Wed) and 27(Thu), 2022



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