Be both a Biomedical Scientist and an Engineer. The world is waiting for such a specialist.

Do you want to apply your knowledge to industry or further academic research?
Whichever path you choose, the most important thing is to know what kind of person
you envision being at the end of that journey.

Due to the profound impact of technology on the medical field, modern treatment does not exist without technology. They are becoming one in the same, creating a demand for specialists who can seamlessly navigate
between the fields of medicine and technology.

Ph.D. Program in Humanics at University of Tsukuba is an innovative interdisciplinary program aiming
to educate the leaders of this new era.
Its unique doctoral-level curriculum is designed to help students learn the necessary skills,
develop a multi-disciplinary thought process,
and fluently communicate across the fields of biomedical sciences
and physical sciences, engineering, and informatics.
With its Double Mentor System, students will be guided by two world-leading experts
in their respective fields,
eventually serving as a bridge between these disciplines.

Join the program and start your journey to become an individual
that helps shape an unimagined and limitless future.

Humanics: Become an individual the world has never before seen. Ph.D. Program in Humanics
University of Tsukuba Ph.D.Program in Humanics

ABOUT Humanics

Why Humanics now?
We explain the birth of our program, the talents we nurture, and the features of our program.

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“Humanics” is a discipline that sheds light on the fundamental principles of physiology and pathology of the human, generating new science and technology to achieve a healthy and comfortable life of human beings in the society. The Ph.D. Program in Humanics cultivates leaders with doctoral-level knowledge and skills in the fields of both biomedical sciences and physical sciences/
engineering/informatics, as well as the capacity to integrate two or more research fields and to apply them in human society.

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“Double mentor system” — faculty members from both biomedical sciences and physical sciences/engineering/informatics initiate a research collaboration to provide guidance to students.

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We welcome students who have studied either biomedical sciences or physical sciences/engineering/informatics, and who are willing to study the other discipline and fuse them together. People who have worked as a physician or an engineer are also very welcome.

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YouTube channel introducing a message from the
program coordinator
and studies in mentor laboratories.