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Shinya Nakata
Fields of study:
Sleep medicine / Bioinformatics​
Dr.Masashi Yanagisawa / Dr.Haruka Ozaki

Create your originarity in Humanics

I joined the Humanics Program to pursue a Ph.D. degree after my undergraduate study from the faculty of Medical Science, University of Tsukuba. In life science, the latest technological developments have enabled us to obtain large-scale data such as measurement of comprehensive biomolecules. Although I could not understand the whole process of how those large-scale data analyses are done, I’m interested in studying more about that. So, I chose this program because I’m interested in the comprehensive analysis and I want to be a researcher who performs both biological experiments (wet experiment) and computational analysis (dry experiment) because I believe that bioinformatics will be so much promise in the development of science. My main mentor is Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa who is a well-known researcher in sleep science. Currently, I’m analyzing the sleep behavior of gene-modified mice and performing biochemical experiments of my protein interest to elucidate intracellular signaling that regulates sleep/wakefulness. My second mentor is Dr. Haruka Ozaki, who is majoring in bioinformatics science, especially in the development of bioinformatics methods and software. I spent my first year studying bioinformatics from the beginning because I have no background related to that informatics. This program provides me a great environment where I can concentrate more on my study. Because I’m hired as a research assistant, I get financial supports from my first year. Besides that, because I don’t have so many classes to take, I can use more time for my research. In this program, we can form our own “originality” by conducting integrated research with different fields. It is important to actively utilize and expand our ideas and interests, and it must be very fun to be able to handle what we have never done before. To acquire our own “originality”, I believe that Humanics Program will lead us to do a good science in the future.

[Time table of an ordinary day]

arrive at Yanagisawa/Funato lab
attend to lab meeting or journal club
experiments in Yanagisawa/Funato lab
lunch and/or desk work
attend reading circle in Ozaki lab
come back to Yanagisaawa/Funato lab and experiment
desk work (reading papers etc.)
go back home

I perform biochemical experiments as well as sleep recording of mice to elucidate the mechanism of sleep/wake regulation.

I introduce papers and learn statistics and programing required for analysis in Ozaki lab.

Poster presentation in Humanics Joint Symposium. I’d like to attend to another field conference next time.