Ideal candidate profile

We will welcome students who have studied either biomedical sciences or physical sciences/engineering/informatics, and who are willing to study the other discipline and fuse them together. People who have worked as a physician or an engineer are also very welcome.

Number of applicants and Language

[Number of applicants]

15 (Total number of students enrolled in spring and fall)

[Language used]

English(responses in Japanese acceptable)

Annual schedule of entrance examination

We have the entrance examination twice a year, one in late August and the other in late January or early February.

Application steps

[STEP1] Contact to two desired mentors

After confirming the research field of each faculty mentor, contact to two desired mentors by e-mail and ask for a permission.
Choose one mentor from biomedical sciences, and also choose another mentor from physiological sciences / engineering / informatics. Decide which mentor is your main mentor.

[STEP2] Application

The followings are required.

  • Applicant information
  • Research plan (about 1000 words in English)
  • It is necessary to submit a TOEIC official certificate or a scorecard for TOEFL test takers.
  • Desired mentors; one from biomedical sciences, anothre from physiological sciences / engineering / informatics.
  • Recommendation letter from the dean of your department or your supervisor
  • Examination fee

[STEP3] Admission

Oral examination I concerns (1) knowledges in biomedical sciences, physical sciences, engineering and informatics, (2) ability to adapt to different fields of study and (3) linguistic proficiency.

Oral examination Ⅱ concerns your research project proposal upon admission and career plan.

Briefing session

We have briefing sessions before the entrance examination.

Briefing session in 2019

Opening remarks and Introduction

From Curriculum Committee

From Student Support Committee

From Examination Committee