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Various supports are provided for students so that they can concentrate on study and research.

Financial supports

The following financial supports are being planned for students chosen for the “Ph.D. Program in Humanics” and judged as excellent so that they can concentrate in study and research.

  • For students who are yet to pass the Qualifying Examination obtain, financial supports according to their research contribution based on TA, RA, and Reverse Mentor work.
  • Excellent students who have already passed the Qualifying Examination may receive Education and Research Support Expenses (planned for 160,000 to 180,000 yen/month).

Amount of the above items of financial supports will be decided according to results of entrance examination, outcome of participation in programs and research, results of Qualifying Examination, and other factors. 
Students who are judged as excellent in academic achievement by the university’s regulations are eligible for the following exemption in tuition fees.

  • Before passing Qualifying Examination: Half exemption
  • After passing Qualifying Examination: Full exemption

Support for overseas studies & research activities

University will provide students with the expenses for overseas studies & research activities, within the certain limit, such as research activities, joint research, and presentation at international conferences.

Students dormitory

Student dormitory has been established to offer students excellent study environment along with the opportunity to experience autonomous civic life.
For further information regarding room, equipment and monthly rent, please refer to the website below.

Pre-admission program

Our program provides education for applicants and prospective students (pre-admission program).

  • Cultivate interdisciplinary skills at an early stage and realize doctoral education beyond the MD-PhD course
  • Recruit for excellent students

Campus Humanics Course

We provide education for applicants in bachelor’s and master’s programs. Prospective students in Medical Sciences (6-year system) can learn basic knowledge in engineering and informatics. Prospective students in Science, and Engineering and Informatics (4-year system) can learn basic knowledge in medicine. We also provide practical training and exercise course.

On-campus boot camp

During summer holidays, we provide education for applicants. Practical training and exercise courses of medical science, science, engineering and informatics are offered to them in the boot camp.

Courses with e-learning

We provide basic subjects through e-learning to support undergraduate and domestic students (business people and clinicians) in Japan and overseas.

Financial Support of “Education and Research Support Expenses”

For the students in the Ph.D. Program in Humanics who have passed the Qualifying Examination, the financial support “Education and Research Support Expenses” is planned to be provided. Given this support, the students can concentrate in study and research.

Here is the list of the students who currently receive the monthly financial support. >