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Osamu Toyoshima
Fields of study:
Neurophysiology / Informatics
Dr. Masayuki Matsumoto / Dr. Jun Izawa

You can enjoy your study in Humanics.

After completing my Master's course in Medical Science, I was looking for an environment where I could concentrate on my research, and decided to enter Humanics.

In my master's program, I recorded single unit neural activities, and estimated their roles to investigate the decision-making process. At the same time, however, I realized that it is not enough to understand, but it is necessary to organize it as a whole system (i.e., mathematical model). I am now studying unconscious processing, which accounts for the majority of decision-making process, and I want to clarify the mechanism of decision making from both experimental and theoretical perspectives.

At the beginning of this program, I was worried about whether I could keep up with the classes on informatics, but it turned out to be surprisingly fun when I considered the relationship between the classes and my own research. Discussions with my sub mentor (Dr. Izawa) and the QE reviewers are also very exciting because I can get opinions that I cannot easily get from discussions in the same lab. I believe that interacting with different fields will help me think about my own research from a different angle and lead to new ideas. In addition, because of the excellent financial support, I am less worried about the financial aspect, and I feel that I can concentrate on my research more than before.

I think the Humanics is one of the best programs for students who have a clear idea and want to focus on their research.

[Time table of an ordinary day]

Developing a behavioral task by matlab
Meeting at Izawa lab
Behabioral training of monkeys

Behabioral training of monkeys using computer programs

I'm studying machine learning through hands-on programming

Presentation at international conference. I want to attend different fields in the future.