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Juan Carlos Neira Almanzaさん

|Machine Learning / Sleep Neuroscience
|北川 博之先生 / 柳沢 正史先生、堀江 和正先生

Expanding my horizons through Humanics

I obtained my Bachelor's in Biology in 2017 from the National University of Colombia. During my graduation project, I worked on the analysis of SNP's variations related to the age of onset of Late Onset Alzheimer's disease. This experience motivated me to conduct my post graduate education in Neuroscience, but at that time I was not sure where.

I decided to study in our university after visiting Japan for the first time, also in 2017, as part of the Sakura Science Program. During the next year, I contacted Dr. Yanagisawa, who invited me to his lab and suggested that I should apply to the Humanics program. My main motivation for applying was the program’s focus on integrating engineering and medical science, which I though would expand my career horizons. Finally I was accepted and started my project on human sleep recordings analysis by applying machine learning for stage and arousal classification.

My work consist of programming a multitask model for sleep and arousal scoring, using Python and libraries such as TensorFlow and NumPy. What is interesting is that I never thought I would work on programming, because I did not have any previous knowledge or experience. They key for my progress and success is the continuous communication between me and my mentors, who have always suggested me sources to learn from and tools that I can apply in my project. In addition, I feel that the program has been quiet generous with the economic support, allowing me to dedicate myself to my studies.


arriving at the IIIS
Debugging / revising my model
Checking my results / preparing for weekly progress meeting
Reading Machine learning
Going back home

Arriving to the IIIS


Preparing for weekly meeting