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Felix Adolfo Ipanaque Arevaloさん

|Cognitive Neuroscience / AI
|阿部 ⾼志先生 / 堀江 和正先生

Working on new ideas for my next startup

I am an Industrial & Systems Engineer, MBA, and tech entrepreneur. My last startup was acquired by FedEx Representative in Peru. I was looking for new ideas when the opportunity to do a Ph.D. in Humanics came across. The field of neuroscience has a lot of potential to improve mental health. I believe there will be big opportunities in this field in the coming years. I am particularly interested in decoding emotions in dreams.

Emotions influence thinking, give a sense of priority, and even affect attention in a way that explains human behavior in terms of reasoning, decision making, stress levels, etc. Emotions mold our actions. They are an essential source of information not only during wakefulness but also during dreams.

Vivid dreams are more likely to occur during the Rapid Eye movement (REM) sleep stage, but we cannot study them directly. Therefore, dream data relies exclusively on the subject's memory recall. However, as dreams fade away soon after awakening, memories of dream experiences often get lost or even misunderstood in the transition from dream state to waking state, limiting the information of dream contents.

My goal is to develop a decoding machine to get the emotional content of dreams using a deep learning approach based on electroencephalography (EEG) signals. I am using EEG technology to record brain activity in REM sleep and upon different emotional stimuli.
Currently, I am collaborating with researchers coming from Norway. This allows me to widen my perspective and face smoothly technical issues.


Lab meeting - Journal Club
Data analysis and data preprocessing of EEG signals
Experiment design and literature review
Experimental trials

Setting and EEG cap for an experiment trial

Helping other experiments is a very important part of our daily activities

Graduation farewell party with lab team