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Chang Yun Hsuanさん

|Regenerative medicine / Mathematical
 Modelling & Algorithms
|大根田 修先生 / 櫻井 鉄也先生

Face the challenge in the new fields

During the time I studied the undergraduate and master, I had chances to participate in the study of analyzing the microbiota by NGS analysis, and the class of biomedical innovation. According to these experiences, I realized the importance of cooperation between the basic research in biomedical field and other fields. In addition, I wanted to do the research not only in the biomedical field but also in combining with other fields, such as engineering and informatics. Later, thanks to the co-operation between NTU and University of Tsukuba, I got a chance to join the summer research program in Ohneda sensei’s laboratory for two weeks. After that, I planned to continue my study in University of Tsukuba, then my supervisor and Ohneda sensei recommended me to join this program which can provide me an opportunity to conduct the research work in both biomedicine and informatics fields.

After enrolled this program, I was worried that I was not capable in doing the research related to the bioinformatics because of my purely biological background. However, this program provides variety of courses in the biomedical, engineering, and informatics fields. These courses helped me to get the basic knowledge in informatics and acquire the skills in analyzing the big data by programming. In addition, both of my supportive supervisors, Ohneda sensei and Sakurai sensei, always spend time to discuss with me and give me valuable suggestions for my own study. Moreover, the lab members in both lab always give me some advices and help me a lot.

It is a huge challenge but also a great opportunity for me to join this program to conduct the research in both biomedical and informatics fields. We may come from different backgrounds, have no experience in the other field, but please do let the fear aside, be brave and keep moving forward in the new fields and research life.


Arrive at Ohneda lab
Do the experiments
Lunch with labmates
Check the mice in the animal center
Go to Sakurai lab to discuss the analysis methods
Come back to Ohneda lab and analyze the results
Cook and have dinner with labmates
Do the experiments and analyze the results
Do the programming work
Go back home

Do the cell culture in the cell culture room

Analyze the result of miRNA-sequencing by programming

Had the party in the lab