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Wildan Gifariさん

|Soft Robotics for Medical Application
|Dr. Kenji Suzuki / Dr. Hideo Tsurushima

Furthering the Steps into the Human Friendly Robots

Have you watched Big Hero 6? Do you remember the soft Baymax robot from the movie? I was studying electrical engineering in bachelor and continued in biomedical engineering during my master. My final project was about soft pneumatic robots for surgical endoscopic application. I become aware that soft robots are the future of Robot-Human Interaction. In this humanics program, I tried to find new application for soft robots for manipulating echo probe that presses patient chest. There are two main goals for me now: clarifying the design requirements with doctor and prototyping the manipulator. In my day, mostly I am in Artificial Intelligence Lab to build my robots. Sometimes, I will visit hospital to discuss medical needs with cardiologist. I am grateful to have student support that is enough to pay my tuition and live a comfortable life at the same time. The best thing that I had since joining this program is meeting excellent senseis and colleagues from both the medicine and robotic field.


Preparing to Go
Robot Manufacture
Building the Control System
Studying Medical Need/ Discussion with Doctor
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Soft Robotics Gripper with the Pneumatic Control System

Programming is an important part in the making of robot

Soft robotics is not made of metal, rather we have to weight in mix to make the robot, like cooking!